Costco Gas vs Safeway Gas

Costco Gas vs Safeway Gas: Which is Cheaper?

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Is Costco gas cheaper than Safeway? Many people are looking for ways to save money on gas, and Costco and Safeway are two popular options.

While both stores offer gas at their locations, the prices can vary. So, which one is cheaper? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Costco Gas Cheaper Than Safeway?

Costco is known for offering some of the cheapest gas prices around. The reason behind this is that Costco operates on a low-margin model, meaning they make most of their profits from membership fees rather than the products they sell.

As a result, they can afford to offer gas at a lower price point than many other gas stations. In fact, according to a Reader’s Digest article, Costco’s gas prices are typically around 6 to 12 cents cheaper per gallon than other gas stations in the same area.

On the other hand, Safeway’s gas prices tend to be more in line with the average gas prices in the area. While they may offer occasional discounts or promotions, they generally don’t have the same consistently low prices as Costco.

However, Safeway does offer a rewards program that can help you save money on gas.

With the program, you earn points for every dollar you spend at Safeway, and those points can be redeemed for discounts on gas at participating gas stations.

Overall, if you’re looking for consistently low gas prices, Costco is likely the better option.

Is There a Significant Price Difference Between Costco and Safeway Gas?

Costco Gas vs Safeway Gas
Costco Gas vs Safeway Gas

On average, Costco’s gas prices are about 20-30 cents cheaper than Safeway’s gas prices.

This price difference can add up over time, especially if you frequently fill up your tank. However, it’s important to note that you need to be a Costco member to purchase gas at their gas stations.

If you’re not a member, you won’t be able to take advantage of their low gas prices.

Costco Gas vs Safeway: Comparison

When it comes to purchasing gas, the cost is always a concern. Costco and Safeway are two popular options for gas, but which one is cheaper?

Let’s compare the two.

#1. Price

Costco is known for its cheaper gas prices, and this holds true for its gas stations as well. According to a CNN article, “Costco is often able to keep its gas prices lower than competitors in part because it purchases fuel in such large quantities.”

This means that if you’re looking for the cheapest gas option, Costco is likely your best bet.

On the other hand, Safeway’s gas prices are slightly higher than Costco’s. However, Safeway offers a free loyalty program that could earn you roughly 1.4% to 1.67% back on groceries.

If you’re already a Safeway shopper and can take advantage of this program, the slight price difference may not matter as much.

#2. Variants

Both Costco and Safeway offer regular unleaded gasoline, but Costco also offers premium gasoline. If your vehicle requires premium gasoline, Costco may be the better option for you.

However, it’s important to note that premium gasoline is more expensive than regular unleaded gasoline.

Costco Gas vs Safeway Gas: FAQs

Let’s go over some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Costco gas and Safeway gas

What is the price of gas at Safeway?

The price of gas at Safeway varies by location and can change frequently. You can check the current prices at your local Safeway gas station by visiting their website or using a gas price comparison app.

Does Safeway offer premium gas?

Yes, Safeway offers premium gas at most of its gas stations. However, the availability of premium gas may vary by location. If you need premium gas, be sure to check with your local Safeway gas station to see if it is available.

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