Does Costco sell beer?

Does Costco Sell Beer? [+ Available States]

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There have been several questions asked about the sales of beer by Costco. Does Costco sell beer, wine, or liquor?

The answer may not be far-fetched. Of course, it is no longer news that the largest wine retail store in the U.S. is Costco.

Wine alone makes up to half of the store’s boxes’ yearly sales in terms of alcohol.

In 2020 alone. Costco had about $2.5 billion in wine sales alone, placing it as the country’s largest wine seller. But the question remains, does Costco sell beer? Read on to find out!

Does Costco Sell Beer?

does Costco sell beer
Does Costco Sell Beer?

Yes, Costco sells beer. A wide variety of labels are available at Costco making them one of the biggest winemaker distributors.

Costco is known as the king for buying things in bulk, and that includes wine. Locked deep into Costco’s wines are some unexpected features, familiar favourites, and popular brand names, all at steep discounts.

Costco is the country’s largest wine retailer and has something special for everyone proving that with a little fortune, you can have a true taste of excellent wine.

So Costco is about to save you a whole lot of money if you have a true taste for expensive wines.

Costco does sell a wide variety of beers, some of which are: Kirkland Pale Ale (APA), Bud Light, Kirkland India Pale Ale (IPA), Coors Light, Kirkland Double Bock, and Blue Moon Beer.

Costco States that sells beer with a Membership
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington D.C.*

With the above state you’ll need a membership card before you’ll be able to beer from any of their Costco warehouses.

Costco States that sell beer without a membership

Does Costco Sell Corona Beer?

Yes, Costco sells Corona beers. But i think the availability of the Corona beer may vary depending state or country you want to buy it from.

Additionally, the Corona beer is only available for members only. This is part of the beers you can only purchase with a membership of Costco.

Does Costco sell Modelo beer?

Yes, Costco sells Modelo beer and this is one of the best-selling beers at Costco. However, just like the rest of the beer, it might vary based on the location or state you’re trying to get it from.

The Modelo 24-pack Costco price is typically around $20 – $25 depending on where you’re buying it from.

How much is a 36 pack of beer at Costco

Typically, 36-packs of beer at Costco should cost anything from $20 – $30 depending on the state and Costco store you’re buying it from.

You can use our Costco near me guide to find the nearest Costco store and compare prices of different stores.

What type of beer does Costco sell

Are you a beer lover and looking for varieties of beer you can likely buy at Costco? We’ve highlighted few of the best beer at Costco.

  • Kirkland Kolsch German Ale
  • Corona Imported Beer
  • Kirkland Brown Ale
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Kirkland Double Bock
  • Blue Moon Beer
  • Kirkland Pale Ale (APA)
  • Bud Light
  • Kirkland India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Coors Light
  • Kirkland Session IPA
  • Sam Adams Beer
  • Kirkland Variety Pack
  • Pacifico Beer
  • Kirkland Blonde Beer
  • Alpine Beer


Is Costco the cheapest for beer?

Yes, Costco is known for its competitive prices and quality products. Beer is not an exception. If you need quality beer drinks at affordable prices, then Costco is one place to think about.

Are there age restrictions for buying liquor at Costco?

Yes, there are age restrictions for buying liquor at Costco. You must be at least 21 years to buy liquor at Costco.

Meanwhile, this age restriction has made many want to opt for the self-checkout line.

But, the truth is, whether you are purchasing using a traditional cashier or the self-checkout, you will be able to purchase your Kirkland Signature liquor with no problem.

The register will notify an employee who will come over to where you are, check your ID, verify your age in the machine and scan the item that requires verification whenever you are using self-checkout.

This makes the transaction easy.

Do you need a liquor license to buy liquor at Costco?

No. you don’t need a liquor license to buy liquor at Costco.

Rather, businesses that sell and serve liquor are the ones required to have a liquor license, such as bars and restaurants.

Customers do not need a liquor license to purchase liquor.

Does Costco sell liquor online?

No. because liquor laws vary a lot between different states, Costco decides only to sell liquor at their physical Warehouse locations, in states that allow it.

If you are using Instacart and are living in a state where liquor can be legally sold, then you can purchase liquor, beer, and wine from Costco any time you place your order.


Rounding up on “Does Costco Sell Beer” The short answer; is YES, Costco sells beer. It is the largest wine retail store in the U.S. and sells a variety of beer and liquor.

Customers must be at least 21 years old to purchase liquor and must be an active Costco member.

Liquor Delivery Services are available in 11 states and the ability to return alcohol depends on state laws.

Costco is known for its competitive prices and quality products, but age restrictions apply.

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