Does Costco Install Gas Dryers

Does Costco Install Gas Dryers? [Let’s Find Out]

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Given the many factors involved in installing appliances, many Costco shoppers want answers to the question, does Costco install gas dryers?

Costco is a customer-centric business. In other words, at Costco, the interests of shoppers are protected.

Hence, it is not out of place to find out if Costco installs gas dryers.

In the following paragraphs, I will answer the question, does Costco install gas dryers? Read on!

Does Costco Install Gas Dryers?

Yes, Costco installs gas dryers. Usually, every appliance sold at Costco, especially, online, comes with delivery and installation packages and since gas dryers is an appliances, you can expect Costco to install your gas dryer for you when you purchase from them.

You not only enjoy their installation service but Costco also delivers to your house. However, it must be noted that terms and conditions apply.

You may need to check with your local Costco store to be sure of what is required of you. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry about how to install your gas dryer once you buy from Costco.

It will interest you to know that as of May 2023, Costco ranks number one appliance retailer in customer satisfaction.

Costco Appliance Installation Fee

Does Costco Install Gas Dryers

As stated earlier, most appliance available at Costco comes with delivery and installation packages. Just like its delivery package, appliance installation also comes at a price.

However, the price is not a jaw-breaking one given that Costco still offers the most competitive price for all its products and services.

As such, the Costco appliance installation fee is also pocket-friendly. Since there are different appliances and each appliance has its special treatment and care, the fee for Costco appliance installation is not fixed but depends on the appliance.

Although on average, Costco appliance installation fee can be between $100 and $700 depending on the appliance, the installation fee for each appliance is, however, usually included in the appliance price.

Meanwhile, Costco offers free installation services for certain appliances but you may need to check with your local store to ascertain which appliance has a free installation package.

Irrespective, if you want high-quality products and services at the best rate, Costco is the best place to think of.

What Appliances Will Costco Install?

Costco installs different appliances ranging from fridges to built-in ovens. A few of the appliances Costco will install include:

  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers hoods
  • Built-in ovens
  • Microwave hoods
  • Built-in Microwaves
  • AC
  • Refrigerators

Note: While Costco will install any of the above-listed appliances, it will not be responsible for making available the basic things (such as electrical and gas supply lines, water, shut-off valves, etc) that are necessary for the appliance that you are installing.

Hence, you must prepare all that will be needed for the installation yourself.


Let’s see some of the frequently asked questions

Does Costco install electronics?

Yes, Costco installs electronics. Electronics are a category of appliances and Costco installs appliances. As such, it also installs electronics.

How long does Costco appliance delivery take?

Depending on the appliance, Costco appliance delivery can take as long as ten days and the delivery can be as fast as two days.

Does Costco charge a delivery fee?

Technically, no! Costco does not charge delivery fees separately from the price of the appliance. It is believed that a delivery fee has been added to the price of the product you are purchasing.

Does Costco charge for shipping?

Yes and no! Yes, because every item purchased on have its shipping fee attached. No, because not all products at Costco have shipping fees attached.


I believe you must have gotten the right answer to the question in your heart and many more about whether Costco installs gas dryers.

For ease of understanding, Costco installs gas dryers but some conditions must be met. And if you are seeking where to get the best appliances at the best price, you can count on Costco.

Asides from gas dryers, Costco also install other appliances including refrigerators, air conditioner, microwave, etc.

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