does costco delivers groceries

Does Costco Deliver Groceries? [Find Out Here…]

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Groceries are one of the most popular categories of items consumers shop at Costco. But, does Costco deliver groceries? Let’s find out!

Costco is a widespread warehouse with stores in many locations and they offer a wide range of products, including groceries that is a subject of this discussion.

The interesting increase in the number of people that now prefer to get their products online with deliveries at their doorstep has given rise to many customers wondering if Costco also delivers groceries to their doorstep.

In this article, we will explore whether or not Costco delivers groceries, along with other related questions that will be helpful.

Does Costco deliver groceries?

does costco delivers groceries
does Costco deliver groceries?

Yes, Costco delivers groceries. Excitingly, the store offers two types of grocery delivery to its broad range of customers: same-day and two-day delivery.

However, the availability of these options may depend on your location. Going through the website to input your zip code in the delivery section will give you knowledge of the types of deliveries available in your area.

If neither option is available, you may be able to opt for in-store pickup instead.

Is Costco Delivery Free?

Yes, Costco delivery is free. Costco provides free same-day delivery for orders over $75 under the eligible items of the store.

However, this service is not available in all areas. For two-day delivery, the minimum order qualified for delivery is between $25 to $35, and the delivery fee may apply.

Orders over $75 qualify for free delivery. If the items are needed sooner than two days, customers can choose to pay for expedited shipping.

Additionally, orders can be combined with friends or family members to reach the minimum order amount for delivery.

Does Costco Deliver Furniture?

Yes, Costco delivers furniture to their customers. The store offers home delivery on furniture purchases but for an additional fee.

The delivery fee varies depending on your location and the size of your purchase.

Customers can inquire about the delivery fee before making their purchase to ensure they are aware of the additional cost.

The store also provides an assembly of furniture services for an extra charge.

Does Costco deliver TVs?

Yes, Costco delivers TVs. TVs over 51 inches enjoy free delivery and installation at their final location.

For TVs under 51 inches, a delivery fee may apply depending on the store. Customers can also choose to pick up their TV in-store for free.

The delivery fee for TVs under 51 inches varies depending on the distance of the customer’s address from the store.

Does Costco deliver pizza?

No, Costco does not deliver pizza to its customers. However, the store sells pizza at its food court, which customers can enjoy in the store or take away.

Costco’s food court is unique for its affordable prices and large portions, making it a popular spot for a quick and budget-friendly meal.

Additionally, the pizza sold at Costco’s food court is often praised for its quality and taste.

Does Costco deliver flowers?

Yes, Costco delivers flowers. Just like many other deliveries, the store offers same-day and next-day delivery on selected floral arrangements.

The delivery fee may vary depending on your location. Customers can check the delivery fee by entering their zip code on the store’s website.

In addition, the store also offers free in-store pickup for online orders.

Does Costco deliver appliances?

Yes, Costco delivers appliances. The store offers free delivery and basic installation for major appliances, including TVs, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

However, the availability of delivery and installation services may vary depending on your location.

It is recommended to check with your local Costco store or their website for more information and avoidance of extra fees.

Does Costco Deliver to my zip code?

Yes, Costco delivers to many zip codes across the United States. Visiting the Costco website and entering your zip code in the delivery section will avail you the information about your location eligibility.

If your zip code is eligible for delivery, you can place an order online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Costco also offers same-day and two-day delivery options for select items.


Is Delivery Free For Costco Members?

No, Delivery is not free for all Costco members. Same-day delivery is free for eligible items on orders over $75, and two-day delivery is free for orders over $75.

For orders under $75, a delivery fee applies depending on the item.

Is there a fee for Costco Grocery delivery?

Yes, for two-day delivery, a delivery fee of $3.99 applies for orders under $75. Same-day delivery is free for eligible items on orders over $75.

How long does Costco take to deliver groceries?

Depending on your location and the delivery option you choose, the delivery time for Costco groceries varies.

Same-day delivery is typically available within a few hours, while two-day delivery may take longer.

Is Costco delivery more expensive than in-store?

The cost of items may vary between in-store and delivery orders. In addition, a delivery fee may apply for two-day delivery orders under $75. However, same-day delivery is free for eligible items on orders over $75.


Costco offers delivery options for many of its items including; furniture, TVs, flowers, groceries, and appliances.

The store provides same-day and two-day delivery, and delivery fees may vary depending on your location and purchase amount.

Costco also offers free delivery and installation for some items, such as major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators and large TVs.

While delivery is not free for all Costco members, the store does offer free delivery for eligible items on orders over $75.

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