Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay

Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay? [Let’s See…]

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Does Costco Gas take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

In the United States, Costco is one of the most popular retail stores and Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile payment systems.

However, given the NFC terminals at Costco stores, many questions have been raised as to if Costco Gas accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment and if there are other payment methods.

To find out, read on!

Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay?

Does Costco Gas Take Apple Pay
Does Costco Gas take Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco gas does take Apple Pay. Costco accepts Apple Pay at almost all of its stores. If some stores don’t, it may be due to those stores not having an NFC reader.

If this terminal checkout lane is not seen, then there is a possibility that your Costco store is not in support of it or they are trying to install it.

In the United States, Costco only authorises the use of Visa cards but in Canada, all major credit cards are accepted.

However, if you are located in the United States, you need to have a Visa credit card like your Apple Pay account, any transaction outside of this default payment method will fail to go through.

What Payment Methods Does Costco Gas Accept?

Although Costco accept Apple Pay, there are other methods

by which items can be paid for.

  1. Visa cards: Visa is a viable credit card for sales recommended by Costco. Any other kind of credit card may not be able to pay for one’s items at the store. With that being said, they do accept several other different debit cards.
  2. Debit cards: Costco accepts different debit cards. The PIN of the debit card is the guarantee that Costco will accept it. It is also true for ATM cards, once the ATM card has a PIN, then Costco will accept it.
  3. Cash and checks: In case, you don’t have a Visa credit card or other debit cards, then payment can only be made through cash or checks. Costco accepts both payment methods. However, terms and conditions apply.
  4. Mobile payment: Investment has also gone into mobile payment methods. For people who don’t have an iPhone or access to Apple Pay, then Google Pay or Samsung Pay is available. Both methods of payment are similar to that of Apple Pay. A digital wallet is created which can connect to your card or bank ad afterwards, purchases can be made on the app instead of using cash or a physical card.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay will work just fine as Apple Pay since Costco has NFC terminals enablement so you don’t about their credibility.

Before embarking on your journey to your local Costco store to use your Apple Pay, make sure your Visa card is your default payment method, it makes your purchase easier and faster.

How To Use Apple Pay at Costco

Though relatively easy, using Apple Pay at Costco does require some practice. You should take these actions once you get to the NFC reader at Costco checkout.

  1. Let the cashier know that you are using Apple Pay.
  2. Activate the default card on your iPhone, and double-click the side button.
  3. You will get a prompt asking if you want to unlock your iPhone using your face or your passcode.
  4. Place your phone close to the reader after authenticating.
  5. A checkmark indicating a successful transaction will appear on the iPhone’s display.
  6. You can proceed after the cashier hands you your Costco receipt.

Other Payment Methods Accepted at Costco

Other payment methods accepted at Costco include the following:

  1. All Visa Cards.
  2. The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi.
  3. Personal checks from current Costco Members.
  4. Business checks from current Costco Business Members.
  5. Traveller’s checks.
  6. Most PIN-based Debit/ATM Cards.
  7. EBT cards
  8. Costco Shop Cards*
  9. Cash.
  10. Mobile Payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

Does Costco Accept PayPal

Does Costco Gas Take MasterCard?

Unfortunately, Costco gas does not accept MasterCard at their gas station or even warehouses. Visa card are the only card accepted.

Does Costco Accept Visa Credit Cards?

Yes, Costco does accept Visa credit cards in their gas stations, warehouses and even Costco food court.

Unlike other credit cards, all Visa cards are accepted at Costco

Does Costco Accept Discover?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Just like every other credit cards outside of Visa network is not accepted at Costco, so also is the discover card.

So discover card is not accepted at Costco. However, when shopping online at Discover cards are accepted.


Does Costco Charge Fees When Using Apple Pay?

No, Costco does not charge any fees for using Apple Pay. There is no fee to use Apple Pay in stores, on the Costco website, or on the Costco app. So, payment for items by Apple Pay and other payment methods have made shopping at Costco more exciting and easy.

Does Costco accept Apple Pay with Mastercard?

Yes, Costco accepts Apple Pay with Mastercard. Although Mastercard alongside American Express and Discover seem unacceptable at Costco, customers can still attach their Mastercard to their Apple Pay wallet to make purchases. This makes it convenient to choose their preferred payment option while shopping.


Costco accepts Apple Pay at almost all of its stores, but some stores don’t have an NFC reader. In the US, only Visa cards are accepted, but in Canada, all major credit cards are accepted.

All major credit cards in Canada are accepted, but if you are in the US, you need to have a Visa credit card, like your Apple Pay account.

Costco accepts Apple Pay, Visa cards, debit cards, cash, checks, and mobile payment methods. Visa cards are the preferred credit card for sales, while other cards may not be accepted.

Cash and checks are also accepted, but terms and conditions apply. Mobile payment methods such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay are also available.

Before using Apple Pay, ensure your Visa card is the default payment method.

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