does Costco accept discover cards

Does Costco Accept Discover Cards? [Partially]

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Does Costco accept Discover cards? Find out in this article. Many people wonder if Discover Card is accepted at Costco because it is a well-liked credit card among consumers.

Customers frequently have questions about what forms of payment, including credit cards, are accepted at Costco.

Trust me, most customers might be disappointed to learn that not all credit cards are accepted at Costco, even though it is well known for its fantastic deals and bulk offerings.

The Discover card is a well-known credit card that lots of customers are interested in. Does Costco accept Discover credit cards? is a question that will be addressed in this article.

Does Costco Accept Discover Cards?

does Costco accept discover cards

No, Discover cards are not accepted at Costco for payment. Unfortunately, Discover cardholders are unable to make purchases at Costco warehouses and gas station using their cards.

Discover cards are not accepted at Costco given the exclusive partnership that Costco has with Visa, which has afforded it an increased profit margin and is why it is the only credit card accepted by the business.

However, Discover cards is accept at Costco online ( This means if you can’t make a purchase with your discover card at Costco warehouse, you can use it online at Costco.

Why Can’t You Use Discover At Costco?

You can’t use Discover at Costco warehouse and gas station. The reason is simple! The business decision by Costco says it does not accept Discover cards.

Its exclusive relationship with Visa has made it turn its back on all other credit cards including Discover and American Express.

This is why Visa is the only accepted credit card at Costco. The exclusive reward and numerous benefits that Visa offers Costco and its customers is enough reason for it to turn its back on accepting other credit cards.

However, its refusal to accept Discover is solely based on the business’s strategic decision.

Does Costco Accept Discover Cards For Gas?

No, Costco does not accept Discover cards for gas. Let it not come as a surprise that Costco is also in the gas business.

As a retail store, part of its unique business model is its gas station. However, like its warehouses, Costco does not accept Discover cards for gas.

As stated earlier, only Visa credit cards are accepted by Costco, be it at the warehouse or the gas station. Nonetheless, this has not belittled the business in any way.

What Credit Cards Does Costco Accept

The Visa credit card is the only credit card that Costco accepts, even though it also accepts debit cards and cash payments.

This decision is a major point of contention for most consumers who desire to shop at Costco.

Are there other credit cards accepted at Costco? Yes, there are, but one thing is common to them all – they are Visa cards.

They include

  1. Costco Anywhere Visa card: This includes both the Anywhere Visa card by Citi and the Costco Anywhere Visa Business card by Citi. These Visa cards are designed by Costco to be used as payment methods by its customers, and they provide rewards and benefits as well.
  2. Signature Card: Costco accepts signature cards as long as they are Visa. Particularly, it must be the PenFed Power Cash Rewards Card with the Visa Signature Card. Customers who use this card can take advantage of many advantages, including 2% cashback on all purchases.
  3. Chase Freedom Unlimited: Costco takes the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card. This card can be used for payment by Costco shoppers. It has no annual fee and offers cashback rewards on every purchase.
  4. Active Cash Card: Costco accepts Wells Fargo Active Cash cards. Customers can use their active cash card for payment at any of the Costco stores. While the card offers a unique and convenient mode of payment, there are terms and conditions attached to its usage. This is why it is important to check with your local Costco store to find out.

Credit Cards Not Accepted At Costco

Discover is not the only credit card not accepted at Costco. Other debit cards are not accepted at Costco.

They include the following:

  1. American Express: Unlike Visa cards, American Express is a card issuer and payment network, and Costco no longer accepts them. True, it used to be Costco’s only accepted credit card, but things changed, and it ceased to be accepted by the store both online and in-store.
  2. Mastercard: Like American Express, Mastercard is also not accepted at Costco. Mastercard is not accepted at Costco because Costco’s relationship with Visa is still intact. However, Costco customers who have Mastercards can consider shopping with their cards at other stores except for Costco.

In addition to these two, Costco does not accept other credit cards that are not on the Visa network.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted at Costco?

Many payment methods are accepted at Costco. Beyond the Visa card, Costco accepts many other means of payment, including the following:

  1. Debit cards: Costco accepts debit cards alongside other payment methods, and they can be used online and in physical stores. However, restrictions might be in place.
  2. EBT: EBT, also known as the Electronic Benefits Transfer, is accepted at Costco. However, there may be certain restrictions, and this is dependent on the state and the number of items purchased. In other words, the number of items customers can purchase with EBT differs.
  3. Checks: Costco accepts checks as one of its payment methods. Meanwhile, not all Costco stores accept checks. Also, checks may not be accepted from non-members of the store. In addition, business checks may not be accepted.
  4. Cash: Cash payments are one of the easiest payment methods accepted at Costco. Unlike other payment methods, which may put the customer at risk of being defrauded or scammed, cash payment is a convenient payment method for Costco customers.
  5. Costco Shop Cards: Costco Shop cards are essentially gift cards. They can be bought anywhere and used for purchase in-store or online. One interesting thing about Costco shop cards is that they don’t expire. However, they must be used only at Costco.


Overall, Discover is not accepted at Costco warehouses and gas station, and this is due to its smooth partnership with Visa.

As such, Visa is the only accepted credit card at Costco. Costco has stuck with Visa because it offers exclusive benefits for the business and its customers.

However, while shopping online at Costco, discover card definitely accepted. Other payment methods accepted at Costco includes cash, EBT, debit cards, and checks, among others.

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