Does Costco Accept check?

Does Costco Take Checks? [Let’s Find Out]

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One of the questions that customers usually ask is: Does Costco take checks? Over time, checks have proven to be a safe and secure method of payment.

Despite the many electronic payment systems, checks are still widely accepted as a payment method in most grocery stores.

However, many stores have also stopped taking checks.

This is, because, in comparison to electronic payment methods, checks can sometimes be time-consuming and, at the same time, prone to errors. This, can in turn lead to less productivity for businesses.

The question of whether or not Costco takes checks deserves an answer. Read on to find out!

Does Costco Take Checks?

Does Costco Take Check

Yes, Costco takes checks as a payment method, but photo identification and approval may be necessary before payment confirmation for large transactions.

Regardless of whether most people still write checks or not, if the check is correctly filled with the date and amount appropriately stated, and the signature properly appended, Costco will take it.

Moreover, you should also remember that verification requirements may vary from store to store. Costco does not follow the general rule.

What Forms of Payment Does Costco Accept?

Costco accepts different forms of payment including credit and debit cards, cash payments, and electronic benefit transfers (EBT) among others.

You must, however, bear in mind that the payment method may differ from region to region. Below are some of the payment methods Costco accepts.

  1. Visa Credit Cards: Of the numerous credit cards available in the world today, Costco only accepts Visa credit cards. These credit cards include the Costco-branded Anywhere Visa card. Costco does not accept other credit cards such as Discover, American Express or MasterCard.
  2. Debit Cards: Visa debit cards are accepted at Costco. Customers’ personal identification numbers (PINs) are required to complete transactions.
  3. Cash: Costco accepts cash payments on all transactions. Any denomination of U.S. currency including coins and bills may be used by customers.
  4. Costco Shop Card: Costco Shop cards are only offered to Costco customers to be used as a payment method. Costco Shop Cards are accepted online or in-store.
  5. Apple Pay and Google Pay: Apple Pay and Google Pay are contactless payment systems, and Costco accepts them.
  6. EBT: EBT is known as Electronic Benefits Transfer and Costco accepts EBT payments, especially for eligible food items. One such means is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which can be used to purchase groceries.

How Does Costco Check Work?

Costco checks can not be used at any other retail store except Costco. Two types of checks work at Costco.

They are personal and business checks. These two checks can be ordered from Costco online and presented at the point of purchase to pay.

While business checks are used by businesses that belong to the Costco membership plan, personal checks, as the name implies, are meant for individuals who are members of Costco.

These checks are used to pay for goods and services.

These checks can be accepted at any Costco location around the world. It is, however, pertinent to note that the check is authorised by either the U.S. or Puerto Rico Costco warehouse.

Moreover, customers must be patient enough for all verification to be done before they can complete their transactions with Costco checks.

Is Costco Check Legit?

Yes, the Costco Check is legit, although it cannot be used elsewhere except at Costco. Both personal and business checks are highly secured to mitigate identity theft and fraud.

This is to protect the rights of their customers and the interests of the company. Costco has had cases of scams being circulated in its name and this has led to tight check security.

No wonder Costco checks possess security features such as a watermark, heat-sensitive inks, holograms, and signature lines among others to prevent counterfeiting.

These high-security features have enhanced the faster and more secure processing of checks, particularly personal checks. No doubt, Costco checks are one of the most innovative gifts.

Are Costco Checks Safe?

Yes, Costco checks are safe and secure. The multiple layers of security they offer make them effective in the prevention of fraud and unauthorized use.

Innovative printing and other admirable features such as high-quality and professional look make Costco checks safe for a transaction.

These features also contribute to Costco checks being among the best. They are inimitable, that is, it will be such a daunting task to copy the features of Costco checks.

Does Costco take checks for gas?

No, Costco accepts checks but Costco gas stations do not. You can purchase Costco Shop Card with either check or cash and in turn, use your Costco Shop card to pay for fuel.

You wonder why? It is part of the organization’s rule and policy not to accept checks at its gas stations and not only checks but also EBT.

The organisation’s gas stations operate in a self-service, pay-at-the-pump mode of operation which is why it can be difficult to accept checks.

This is to control fraudulent actions and ensure a safe and secure transaction.

However, Costco takes debit cards, Costco shop cards and Visa cards with the option of pre-paying for gas or paying after refuelling.

Does Costco Take Personal Checks

Yes, Costco accepts personal checks as a means of payment but this check has to be from a Costco membership plan owner.

This means for this to work for you, there has to be an existing membership plan and you also need to provide a means of identification like a valid government ID when you want to pay with your personal check.

Does Costco Take Similac Checks

Yes, best to my knowledge, I do know Costco accepts Similac checks as a means of payment at the Costco store.

However, I’ll encourage you to check with the store just so you’re sure you can use Similac checks as a means of payment at the store.

Does Costco Accepts Enfamil Checks

Yes, Costco does accepts Enfamil Checks as a means of payment at Costco. The only cash to this is that you have a be a member to be able to use check.

Additionally, the check must carry your name as its written in your membership plan at Costco. Other than this, they might not accept it from you.


Do Costco Checks Expire?

Yes, Costco checks expire. However, unlike other checks where time lapses are limited, Costco checks can last between a month and 12 months. In other words, Costco checks remain valid for 12 months. If 12 months after the issuing date, it has not been used, it cannot be redeemed.

Does Costco Cash Checks?

Yes, Costco cashes checks. Costco checks can be cashed out or used at any Costco store. Costco allows customers to cash back on their purchases.

Do Costco Reissue Checks?

Yes, Costco reissues checks. In case of stolen or missing checks, customers have the right to request another check. The customer, however, should be ready for further questions and identification proof.

Do Costco Process Checks Electronically?

Costco does not process checks electronically. While customers can request checks online, they will be sent through the mail and must be presented at the point of payment.

Does Costco Accepts Formula Checks?

Yes, Costco does accept formula checks as long as you’re a member. If not, I doubt it. But I’m pretty sure they do accepts formula checks.


Costco accepts checks and other payment methods, including EBT, debit and credit cards, cash, and the Costco Shop Card.

Checks are issued to customers and can be used in-store or online. They have high-security features and can be reissued when they are expired, stolen, or missing.

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