Does Costco Sell Catalina Crunch

Does Costco sell Catalina Crunch? Find Out Here…

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As a cereal lover and Costco shopper, it is not out of place to ask the question, “Does Costco sell Catalina Crunch?”

Costco, known for its high-quality products and services and competitive prices, offers a variety of healthy and delicious cereal products.

While each product offers a unique taste, many shoppers, especially the diet-conscious ones, love the taste and the many other goodies that Catalina Crunch offers, and they ask to know whether Costco sells Catalina Crunch. 

So “Does Costco sell Catalina Crunch? Read on to get the answer.  

Does Costco sell Catalina Crunch?

Yes, Costco sells Catalina Crunch. Costco, though a retail store, consists of different chains of stores. One of these chains has a food court.

The Costco food court offers many healthy, delicious, and affordable food products, and Catalina Crunch is one of them.

So, if you are a Costco shopper and a diet-conscious consumer who loves Catalina Crunch, you need not trouble yourself.

Pay a visit to Costco and get your Catalina Crunch at an affordable price. Costco’s Catalina Crunch is a keto-friendly cereal that will satisfy your health needs and invigorate your taste buds and pocket size.

Remember, Costco offers one of the most competitive prices. Moreso, Costco Catalina Crunch is ideal for breakfast as it is plant-based, organic, keto-friendly, and gluten-free.

Catalina’s crunch at Costco is a great deal. You can either buy in-store or online.

Did Costco discontinue Catalina’s Crunch?

No, Costco did not discontinue Catalina’s Crunch. At the time of writing this, it is not known yet whether Costco stopped Catalina Crunch.

It is, however, also not hidden that some shoppers are having issues ordering their favourite cereal, Catalina Crunch.

Thus, it can be said that Costco did not discontinue Catalina Crunch, but Catalina Crunch is not widely circulated.

Before you conclude that Costco stopped the Catalina crunch, you should check with your local Costco store.

Catalina Crunch Costco Price

Does Costco Sell Catalina Crunch
Does Costco Sell Catalina Crunch?

As you must have known, Costco offers one of the most competitive prices for its products, which are usually of high quality.

Catalina Crunch is not an exception when it comes to Costco’s competitive prices. Depending on your desired flavour or size, you can purchase Catalina Crunch at Costco for as little as $0.76 and as much as $10.

It is advisable to check with your local Costco store to confirm the size and price of your desired flavour.


Lets see some of the frequently asked questions

Who is Catalina Crunch owned by?

Catalina Crunch is one of the healthy, delicious, and nutritional cereals produced by Catalina Snacks. The cereal originally came from Krishna Kaliannan after he was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes at age 17.

Is Catalina Crunch highly processed?

Yes, Catalina Crunch is highly processed. Yet the snack’s nutritional value is retained. It is low in carbs, low in sugar, and keto friendly.

Is Catalina Crunch cereal healthy?

Yes, Catalina Crunch is a healthy cereal. Its nutrient combination, such as fibre, protein, and good fats, makes it ideal for diet-conscious consumers.

How many calories are in Catalina Crunch keto cereal?

The number of calories in Catalina Crunch keto cereal is dependent on the size. However, per serving, Catalina Crunch keto cereal has up to 110 calories.


Catalina Crunch is a healthy, nutritional, and delicious cereal for diet-conscious individuals.

Costco, known for its quality products, sells Catalina Crunch and other healthy food products at affordable prices.

As a diet-conscious Costco shopper, you do not need to worry about how to get your Catalina crunch any longer.

Just enter Costco’s local store near you and make your purchase, or visit While the snack is highly processed, its nutrient combination remains incredible which makes it a healthy choice everyone.

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